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Hi, I am

Annalisa Rene

A.k.a your biggest fan

Bringing the spice back to your fitness life through dance, fitness & barre with in-person classes and virtual fitness party 101 Private coaching lessons  🎉

Fitness Party 101

Learn to step into filling your cup first 1:1 with me as your guide & biggest fan!

ZIN(TM)  JAM Sessions

3 hour session to learn, grow and build your instructor skills with 4-5 ready to teach choreographies!



What the party people are saying!


Lindsay St. Louis

You have to try a class with Annalisa, they are always fun! She makes me laugh and challenge myself in the most encouraging way. No two classes EVER look the same. I leave class with a smile every time.

Robin B.

Training with Annalisa makes me feel I am

 the best me I can be.  I feel more forgiving of myself and in touch with the positive side of life.

Melissa W.

I trained with Annalisa for 3 months and I have never moved better. Changes started happening and I didn't even know it!

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