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Annalisa Rene Brown

Fitness instructor, Movement coach, Your biggest fan

Annalisa is a passionate fitness professional currently living in San Francisco, CA. Since starting her fitness career in 2010, she has gained extensive knowledge and experience in the fitness industry. This has allowed her to focus on her true passion: to help all individuals build their confidence in not only their movement, but in every aspect of their life. She has been inspired by music and believes every workout should be an experience for your mind, body & soul while focusing each workout on making her clients feel empowered and at their best. 


At the young age of five, Annalisa found her love for movement and music through dancing. Her love for dancing and fitness continued into adulthood after a major surgery and injury forcing her to leave the tech world which formed her career as a fitness professional teaching everything from Zumba to pilates, barre, cycle and many more. Currently she teaches Zumba, pilates, barre and sculpt.  All of her classes emphasize a focus in functional movement, fun and science base programming.

Her passion is infused on bringing the fun to fitness with music and a splash of party! Join Annalisa and get lost in the beat of the music, while achieving your goals and your biggest fan cheering you on along the way! She currently teaches classes in San Francisco, CA at Equinox and City sports with Pop-up virtual classes monthly. She also has limited slots available for 1:1 virtual clients through Fitness Party 101. 


Annalisa loves growing in her education and developing as a creative. She has obtained a degree in Kinesiology, group fitness instructor (AFAA), certified personal trainer + corrective exercises specialist, performance exercise specialist (NASM) and a certified IBBFA barre instructor. She is a podcast host and founder of Fitness Party 101 and as well as a fitness model and actress, most recently was featured in the 2019 24 Hour Fitness national commercial campaign shoot.


If there's one things she wants you to remember....

“Re-choose the heartbeat of your life everyday because.. the journey IS the destination!"
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