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Join the jam!

Annalisa started her jamming career in 2014 after being selected as a world wide candidate search.  She wanted to spread her love of movement & music and to help inspire other instructors to find the confidence and success in their classes.  


 Zumba jammers are hand selected ZIN members that hold a license to host sessions across the globe..




Designed to help you master your choreography, build your cueing library, and learn progressions. In this three-hour jam session, you'll learn 4 to 5 new knockout routines to integrate into your Zumba® classes. Refresh your skills, learn new ones, and get everything you need to be the best instructor you can be. 




Designed to help you go deeper into your basic rhythms. 

You’ll get 4 rhythm-specific choreo routines to use in your Zumba® classes, practice the core steps and variations learned in your Basic 1 or Rhythms 2 Training, and be able to identify the beats and instruments that are exclusive to the rhythm you choose. 

Jam sessions

 Jam sessions

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