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Welcome to the side of the internet where we make fitness and moving our bodies, mastering injury prevention and performance the secret sauce of our fitness athlete life or should I say party 🎉

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My Story

In 2012 my life got flipped turned upside down and my trajectory in life changed completely. Long story short.  I went in for a simple surgery and it didn’t go according to plan.  5 tries later I was left bed ridden, without a job, in a very hard place mentally and physically and that’s when my new fitness journey really started.


You see, I grew up in and around fitness from dance to track and field all the way to drill team. But, the one thing I always seemed to find my way back to was dance, so that is where I began again in this new journey. I did what I knew to do which it turned into an injury when my body was not mind/muscle connecting like it should and well… a big knee injury later and an amazing personal trainer- my strength in mind and soul shifted into every single piece of my philosophy I have built now. 


I believe movement does not have to be super serious 

I believe in LOVING, LEARNING and BELIEVING in what our bodies are capable of

I believe movement is the key to creating the life you love in your fitness athlete life


So here we are, welcome to fitness party 101- I am a fitness athlete, your instructor and movement scientist. Here to help you move with confidence inside and outside the studio or dance floor.

Certifications: NASM~ CES, PES  | AFAA Group Fitness | IBBFA level 1 + 2 | Pilates Mat 1

Featured Program

Train with me to learn how to strengthen your foot + ankle to prevent injury from the ground up!

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