3 Steps to Help You Achieve Your 2021 S.M.A.R.T Goals

Let’s face it, we have been home for a long time, out of the gym, and have been living what seems to be a "new normal"! Amiright?! It’s easy for us to immediately create these big grand goals that are just, ahmm, a tad bit overwhelming when we really start to execute on this mastermind plan!

Today, I am going to break down 3 simple steps that I use with all my fitness coaching clients.

Before I begin, I want you to forget everything you have put together so far. YES! All of it. We need a fresh clear start to really align you with the true vision that is in your soul.

Step 1- Mindset Reset

This is one of the key elements in my coaching programs because absolutely no long-term success or goals can be achieved without a well-dialed in mindset.

The best way to reset your mindset is to define EXACTLY what you want it to look like, write it down on a sticky not, or use the ThinkUp App (this can be downloaded for free in the Apple App Store).

Step 2- Health & Nutrition Habits

We all know nutrition is important at this point, but the diet, trend, or fad that you jump into may be taking away the key point in all of it!

ADD before you eliminate!

What do I mean?! Here's an example! Try adding a vegetable to each meal or plan to add a healthier alternative to your pasta. (P.S. Have you tried Banza!?) The process of adding helps you get excited about the process, while not having to rid yourself of the information you already know.